Teresa Horvath Sandorne

Teresa Horvath Sandorne

Executive Leader

Why am I in DuoLife ?

  • DuoLife supplements are unique.
  • I choose SoftMarketing, so I combine the benefits and avoid the drawbacks of all available business models.
  • I create a better world with them!

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My favorite products

DuoLife Medical Formula ProStik® mainly helps to supplement your daily diet with the ingredients necessary to keep the condition of all the structures of your system in a good shape. Its unique composition provides nourishment and high absorbability of the substances needed for muscles and joints which we are not always able to consume in sufficient quantity in everyday…

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DuoLife VitaC is a product that allows you to fill vitamin deficiencies resulted from a diet poor in various nutrients, including vitamin C, or in states of reduced immunity, diseases, increased physical and mental effort when there is a greater demand for it. It effectively meets the daily requirement of the vitamin and eliminate the need for using uncertain specifics from sources that we do…

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DuoLife Collagen was created for all those who want to ensure “eternal” youth. The unique composition of ingredients, which are rich in antioxidants, allows to guarantee protection against ageing processes, slowing them down, and effectively dealing with free radicals. Nutrients contained in each of the components of DuoLife Collagen improve the condition of the organism, inc…

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